• Their story, their way

    He Said / She Said Stories is a simple, enjoyable way for your parents

    to preserve and share important family memories, with the help of
    an attentive, respectful, reliable and professional guide.


    They choose a significant life event, like their wedding day,

    a memorable trip, or the day you were born.


    Mom tells her side of the story.


    Dad tells his.


    Each enjoys reacting to their partner's memories of the day.


    Their He Said / She Said audio recording is transformed into a dynamic, visual storytelling experience, in your choice of print, video or digital, including podcast, website, Facebook or Instagram.


    Want more? Ask about our customizable technologies.


    Your parents tell their story.

    We take care of the rest.

  • Their safety is our priority

    COVID-19: During this period of social distancing, we run our sessions by phone or online

  • How it works

    Your stories, your choice!

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    Step 1: Choose a story

    Select the life event you want to share with family.

    Choose from a selection of story prompts,

    or come up with a topic of your own.

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    Step 2: Record separate interviews

    Your personal historian will spend time with each partner, individually, to produce an audio recording documenting the his-and-her recollection of events.

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    Step 3: Couples Interview

    Enjoy a fun memory-sharing exercise aimed at

    recording couples' reactions to their partner's memories.

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    Step 4: Photography

    We scan the family photos that will help tell your story... or take new ones for you!
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    Step 5: Share

    We'll share your story in a way your family will appreciate, whether that be as a book, video, podcast, website, through Facebook or Instagram,
    or through customized digital technologies.

  • For Him, Her and Them

    While your loved ones may be He & She, they may also be He & He, She & She or They.


    We're all about telling everyone's stories.

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    Your Personal Historian: 

    Michelle Sullivan

    "As a child, I loved sitting at my grandmother's feet, listening to her stories. As an adult, I appreciate how important the stories of our elders truly are. Our family history and our sense of identity are enriched through the preservation of precious memories. Ensuring family history is recorded for - and enjoyed by - future generations is what He Said/She Said Stories is all about."


    Michelle Sullivan trained as a historian, but built a reputation as an innovative communications specialist and digital strategist.


    Today, Michelle brings these two loves together, working at the intersection of history and technology.


    He Said / She Said Stories:

    Helping you live forever in the minds and hearts of those you love, and those who will follow.



    "Michelle is creative, enthusiastic and strategic."

    - Rebecca C.

    "Michelle is as organized and conscientious as she is creative and goal-oriented. She can create a concept and deliver it to perfection."

    - Lorne A.

    "Michelle is on top of the whole project. No details slip through. She is also a good team coordinator, leading people through their deliverables, and a good integrator, capable of taking raw materials from various sources and pull it together to get the desired result. She is reliable and delivers what she promises, on budget and on time."

    - Bianca B.

    "Michelle is practical and professional. It's always a pleasure to work with her. It is obvious that Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about social media. Her generosity of spirit inspired my own blogging. She's always there when I need help, advice or encouragement."

    - Deborah H.

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